there is something fishy here, of course, this is


you are about to descend to the depths, make sure you know how to swim …

haha, you can breathe easy now …

C’est la vie !

welcome to your island life! hope you find your islander friends here, from prokaryotes to eukaryotes, aquatic beings, marine creatures, swamp things, abysmal characters …

Discover & Explore

Meet different islanders, cultures & cuisine, traits & traditions, airscapes, seascapes & landscapes. Search, instead let it find you.

Destination Unknown

Aviate the cosmos from Broadway to the Milky Way, navigate uncharted islands from the Arctic circle to the Bermuda triangle, explore boonies and boondocks from Cuba to Cubao, discover paradise from eutopia, dystopia, scotopia, kakotopia, to takotopia. Search, instead let it find you.

the islander way

let it take forever to find wisdom, by the time it is found, you have forgotten what you were looking for

Doug Dugong

Discover your place in the sun!

Explore communities, from aviators to space cadets, aquatic beings to marine creatures, swamp things to abysmal characters, islanders to island gels …

Adventure, Broadway to the Milky Way, Capitol Hill to the Chocolate Hills

Go airborne ! The sky is the is the limit.

Discover, the British Isles to the Islets of Langerhans

Discover islanders, from the Arctic circle to the Bermuda triangle.

Explore, Devil’s Island to the Tasmanian Devil

Explore to find your place in the sun, from Port Moresby to portmanteau.

you have reached rock bottom, and no this ain’t Bikini Bottom, here there is no bliss, but of course everything is amiss for this is

The Abyss

There is nothing further to see or do here in this dark, desolate, depressing, delusional, and dysfunctional realm of the underworld, leave before Angler Saxon or Ten Tacles catches you.

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